Firestone CoverFirestone (A Tale of the Eternal Stones Book 1)
by Ryan Carriere
fantasy, middle grade to YA
Release Date 8/26/19

This is a thoroughly enjoyable fantasy book with rich world-building and characters who are three dimensional. I especially enjoyed the quest aspect, as well as getting to learn the nuances and differences of each of the different regions and cultures. Clearly the author has put a lot of work into creating a populated world with unique people and lands. The drawings from Serephoni’s sketchbook added to the story, and I enjoyed seeing her take on the fantastical creatures. It wasn’t until I saw the book’s Amazon page that I realized that it was a middle grade book; I found it truly engrossing and felt as if I were along for the journey with the characters. One warning, the book ends in a cliffhanger, so hopefully we’ll be seeing these characters again soon. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy unique fantasy realms.

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Put down your wands and pick up some ‘sticks and stones!’ If you love Monsters, Magic and Misfits, and getting lost in an epic fantasy, then you’re going to love Firestone!

Two groups… 12000 years ago… in a race to find an eternal stone!

When the Great Spirit Clan shaman foretells of a coming fire from the sky that will bring a great sadness, Roeg Stonehold’r and the twins, Tsisa and Ookum, embark on a quest to find the Bloodstone. Little do they know that it’s a race.

Far to the west, on the island of Atlantea, three crystal hunters, under orders from the High Priest of Atlantea are searching for the same Bloodstone.