Recently I realized I needed a better tool for watermarking the stock covers we offer as well as other graphics meant for demonstration purposes only. I had been placing my watermarks in Photoshop and that’s okay, but I wanted something else. Thankfully, I discovered Watermarkly.

This is a tool designed to place both text and logo watermarks onto images and can handle multiple images, as well as multiple watermarks per image. It has free and paid versions.

My first use was amazing. I used our logo for the first one and really appreciated the options I had for recoloring as well as size adjustments. The next time I tried text only, and the array of fonts allowed me to choose one that would work well with the image, rather than detract from it.

This is the tool I’ll be using going forward, and I wanted to mention it because I know many authors also do work for others and could use a tool to help them watermark images.

I look forward to working with this tool in the future.