I recently participated in a couple of threads talking about social media. Does simply posting your book or event on social media work? Many people said they hadn’t had any traction that way, while others said it worked. I know I’ve clicked on books, not just free ones, because of social media posts that I’ve seen. I don’t think the answer is as cut and dried as a yes or no.

In truth, it works. But like many things in the marketing world, it’s hard to pin down a purchase or download to a specific action. Did someone purchase your book simply because they saw a Twitter post? Or did they see that post after interacting with you and finding out just how cool you really are? We’ll never know unless they tell us.

Honestly, I believe it helps. I also believe that the key to social media is SOCIAL. I also know that we each have our own platforms. For me, Facebook with its groups and such is hard to navigate. You don’t see posts. You forget what groups you’re in. And while I’ve clicked on Facebook posts as well, I’ve found my people on Twitter.

Finding that social media platform where you’re comfortable is a big help. When you can be social and interact, boost other’s books and posts as well as your own, it helps to show you’re not just in it to get it. It shows that you’re there to be social and to make community. And that, I believe, sells books more than any amount of marketing.