When the story opens Ylva and her classmates have committed the unthinkable and in an attempt to rectify the situation, they find themselves in even more danger and where secrets can easily be revealed. Not only is Ylva trapped with her roommate, but the popular girl who feels betrayed by her, a wood elf who shares secrets, and her arch rival. The five of them are forced to deal with each other, but also their secrets. While I can’t say that this story moved the plot ahead very far–our characters are literally in the same place that they were when the story opens–it does answer some questions and force Ylva to make some big choices.

This is a good middle portion of the series, and while I wouldn’t advice readers who haven’t read the previous two books to come into this one cold, for fans of Ylva, such as myself, this provided character arcs and closure to some outstanding issues and I eagerly look forward to reading the next book.

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