Nathaniel Grey and the Obsidian Crown (Book 2 of the Phoenix Saga) by Farrell Keeling
369 pages, published June 2019

This YA fantasy novel hits all the right notes for an epic fantasy journey between an unlikely crew of young adults, the title character working to clear his name, and allies that give us a glimpse not just into the character’s past, but also this very richly detailed fantasy world.

I didn’t read the first book and suspect I would have had more enjoyment and understanding had I done so. However, I was able to pick up on the action and follow the tale without this backstory. The story moves quickly, with lots of action and coves a lot of territory within these pages. While this reader would have enjoyed more emotional depth, the characters are well detailed and have a few surprises in store.

I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

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