Bookstore Terms & Conditions

Bookstore Terms & Conditions

The full Terms & Conditions of our website apply and are incorporated herein; however, additional terms and conditions apply to our webstore as follows:

1. Local Pickup

Local Pickup (West Plains, MO) is offered for physical book sales from our website. Arrangements must be made within 24 hours of purchase and we will not hold books longer than 1 week without prior agreement. We are in town Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. We will not provide local pickup options on any other days. Contact us to make arrangements. Storage fees of $1/week and/or forfeiture of order may apply if orders are not picked up or arrangements made within the above time frames.

2. Returns

We will not offer refunds or returns for ebooks sold through our site. We will make every effort to replace the file if the file is corrupted. For physical books, prior authorization is required and will only be granted if the book is grossly misrepresented or sold elsewhere before the book can be removed from the site.