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Stop leaving money on the table!

Let us reduce your ebook file size. Many services including BookSprout and StoryOrigin have a size limit on the files you can upload. Use a big cover image, some pretty interior flourishes and before you know it, your file is too big! We’ll reduce your file size putting MORE MONEY in your pocket and keeping you from worrying about your ebook being too big.

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How It Works:

Once you purchase this product, we’ll reach out to you to receive the file. When you send the file, we’ll reduce the file size. While we can’t guarantee any specific reduction in size, I’ve seen files over 10MB go to 1MB or less. This will save you substantial Amazon “Delivery Fee” for each ebook sale and allow you to easily upload the file to services like StoryOrigin or BookSprout.

Note: We do this automatically for all books we format in electronic format.

To qualify for this service we must receive your already formatted .epub or .mobi file. We’ll reduce the size of both for the cost of “1” credit.

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1 File Credit, 6 File Credits


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