STOP! Quit leaving money on the table.

SAVE TIME and frustration when you’re uploading your books.

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Make Your Promo Easier

  • BookSprout only allows total files to be under 10MB
  • StoryOrigin has the same restrictions.
  • Most email systems allow files no more than 10 or 15MB to be sent through email. GMail allows 25MB.
  • You want pretty ebooks, but you also want the most money possible!

Big eBook Files COST You Money

Amazon charges a Delivery Cost (see current costs here) on top of the 30% royalty that they keep when you choose their 70% royalty option. What does this mean for you?

An author I helped was writing what you would consider an “average” eBook. Sure, it had some chapter header images and a few little covers in the back for some teaser excerpts. She’d formatted it herself and the cover, along with all of the images, were low resolution, so the file should have been small, right? WRONG! It was 4.5MB.

Royalty Before Conversion
$2.99 x .70 = $2.03 – DELIVERY FEE of $.68 =  $1.40 royalties. YIKES!

Book converted down to 1.65 MB
$2.99*.70=$2.03 – $.25 = $1.78

That’s $0.38 more in your pocket on each sale. It may not sound like much, but it will add up.


Convert your eBooks and put more money in your pocket!

Learn how and take control

A mini class just for you
  • Take charge and do it yourself.
  • Video to walk you through the process.
  • Or a PDF with step-by-step instructions.
  • Purchase once. Use forever.

Complete Book Formatting

Start to finish. All done.
  • File size reduction included.
  • Smashwords formatting offered.
  • Ebook formatting, including .epub and .mobi files
  • Go fancy and get print versions and deluxe options.