Join Our ARC Team

My Author Home offers ARC services to a select group of authors. We do so through our own platform. Reviewers Must Be Able to Provide Direct Links To Their Reviews and/or screen images that can be verified. If you are interested, please review our guidelines and fill out the form below.

Reviewer Guidelines

  1. Reviewers must be 18 or over.
  2. Reviewers must be able to write a review with reasonable grammar and spelling.
  3. Reviewers should be able to read and review a book within 15-30 days. Reviewers will only have 1 book “checked out” at a time.
  4. Reviewers will not share, distribute, or otherwise disseminate copies given for review.
  5. Reviewers will not review books for authors with which they have a relationship or conflict of interest. (i.e. No reviewing for friends, families, authors or publishers you work for, etc.)
  6. Authors are welcome to be reviewers as long as they agree to abide by #5.
  7. Reviewers MUST be able to review on Amazon. Delays in posting reviews are fine; however, reviewers cannot be banned from reviewing on the platform.
  8. Reviews cannot be just a summary of the book’s blurb. Additionally, reviews cannot be the same for each book or a short one or two sentence review like “Read it. Loved it.”
  9. Reviewers will not contact authors. All communication will be done through My Author Home, and reviewers who are not respectful in their communications will be removed. Remember, you’re receiving a FREE copy of a book and asked to do a few things which will help the author.