Submit Your Book To Our Giveaway

It is free to submit your book to our giveaway. However, if you do not wish to share, you may pay a nominal fee which will go toward advertising the giveaway. You may also feature your book, which gains extra promotion.

What do featured books receive?

Featured books receive top billing in the email as well as on the website which goes out with all of the giveaway books. In addition, the book will be featured on social media in solo posts at least three times during the month of the giveaway. Books will also be shared in newsletter swaps.

Any other rules?

Participating authors must share the giveaway unless they chose the no share/featured options. At the end of the giveaway you will get a link to a form to place your newsletter link and links to posts to prove that you shared. Authors who do not complete this may not be able to participate in future giveaways.

If you choose the NO-SHARE or FEATURED options, you’ll be prompted to pay after you fill out the form.