Book Giveaway Events

My Author Home organizes periodic book giveaway events for various genres. If you’re interested, you can participate on StoryOrigin or if you have a link from another vendor, like BookFunnel or Prolific Works or even your own website, you can sign up to participate here.

Ways to participate:

We have three levels to participate. With the exception of the “featured” level, this will not affect where your books are. All books are listed in the order they’re received.

Sign up links are under each banner for the giveaways. Simply choose the button to sign up. After submitting your information on this site, you’ll be prompted for an upgrade if you wish.

FREE – Sign up through StoryOrigin and share the provided link to your newsletter and social media contacts. Or, if you’d like to use a non-StoryOrigin link, sign up here by choosing the button beneath the giveaway banner.

NO-SHARE: Don’t want to share with your newsletter or social media contacts? The money will go toward advertising the giveaway. $5

FEATURED BOOK: Get your book top and center, plus promoted on it’s own through social media and in our giveaway newsletter. There are only five spots for each giveaway. $15.