General Review Policies

Please see our review submission form for general information about submitting your book for review.

  1. All reviews are done by volunteers. We do not ask for money in turn for reviews and we will not accept it. This is not a “pay to play” venue.
  2. Our reviewers love books and the genre(s) in which they read. Reviews are the honest opinion, and while we do not promise a glowing review, we will provide a review which encompasses what we loved as well as what disappointed us.
  3. We review books submitted to this site as well as those we purchase or received through other review venues.
  4. We will not review books that are religious-focused in any genre, erotica, political fiction or non-fiction focused (If your hero/heroine works in politics as an incidental part of the story that’s fine.), or books for which we don’t currently have readers. Currently those genres are horror and children’s books.
  5. We do not promise a review time frame. We will make every attempt to review books.
  6. If we find that a review cannot give positive feedback in a review at all, we will let the author know and opt not to post that review, or reviews that don’t meet our editorial guidelines.
  7. We ask that authors do not contact us regarding a pending review.
  8. We reserve the right not to review any book for any reason.