• 10+ years as a technical support specialist

  • Published author since 2002

  • 20+ years in customer service

Get tech support strong enough to work as if your book’s life depended on it.

Hi, my name is Mary Caelsto (Mary Winter) and I know how important having a good author presence is to you. I also know that you need to have someone on the technical side who understands how important your website and your work means to you. I get it. I also get that you need a no judgement zone when it comes to your books. So trust me when I say, I don’t care what you write.

I care about providing you with solid, dependable web hosting that won’t break the budget or stress you out.

That’s why I started My Author Home by Unscramblet. Because I was tired of seeing authors use other free services that own content, make arbitrary decisions about what is hosted there, and where advertising completely unrelated to books was used to “pay for” the hosting. You deserve better. Your books deserve better. Your career deserves better.

If you’re interested in the author side of my life, visit http://www.marywinter.com. Warning, I do write erotic romances, so if you’re not into that, may I interest you in my homestead site, http://www.charmedchicken.com. I also own Unscramblet Author Services, helping authors get unscrambled.