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Many authors use Wix or Weebly as their free website provider. They love the “drag and drop” interface, the price point, and there’s a good chance that either they saw a television commercial or one of their friends recommended it to them.

However when using free website providers, it’s important to know what rights to your content you may be giving away. As authors, our income, our careers are based on our intellectual property. You do not want anyone using that information without your permission.

The Terms of Service for both Wix and Weebly allow those companies to use any information you upload to their services for any purpose. You will have no control over how your information is being used.

In addition, for authors of erotic romance, and even sensual romance, neither Wix nor Weebly allow adult content on their servers. Because there is no concrete definition of “adult content”, you don’t know if your cover featuring a bare male chest is going to be flagged by some offended reader. When that happens your account could be pulled without notice.

There’s also the issue of scale-ability. You want to be able to add new features, such as a webstore, to your site without worrying about ugprades, additional cost, or different plans. Some free providers don’t even offer these options. If you can’t immediately grow your site without jumping through hoops, then that’s not the best platform for you.

So what can you do?

My Author Home offers free websites for authors. Our sites are yours, with minimal branding. They’re based on a popular blogging and website platform with tons of functionality. Newsletter integration, eCommerce, pop ups, they are all included! If you’re interested in learning more about how My Author Home compares to other free website hosts, check out this handy chart.