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Do you have a free website? Do you know what this free website is costing you?

Those who know me have known for years I have preached against free websites from any old carrier. You’re an author. You have special needs. If your free website isn’t catering to your needs, then it most likely is harming you.

You’re invited to join me on March 19 at 2pm CST when I give you the low down on free websites. During our time together you’ll learn:

  • What problem clauses you’ll find in most company’s Terms of Service that can literally cost you your intellectual property rights
  • What to look for in a free website host
  • How to leverage your free website so that it provides for all your needs
  • And more…

If you can’t make it live a replay will be available, so I hope you’ll join me. If you’re an author with a free website, you need this information!

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