Limited to 5 each month.

Sponsorship ads will appear on the front page of our website, in our newsletter, as well as be mixed in the rotation on the sidebar. We will also share sponsor details on our social media at least twice a month to share with our community.



Sponsorship is what keeps My Author Home free to use and we love our sponsors so much! Why don’t you join us and receive not only our unending gratitude, but also more people seeing your books, your company, or your work.

Sponsorship is open to anyone (subject to the guidelines below) within the publishing and writing community including publishers, cover artists, authors, editors, and book promoters.

Sponsorship Guidelines:

  • We will not accept vanity publishers as sponsors. Remember authors, money flows toward the author. If a publisher is asking you to pay, then they suck because they’re just trying to prey on your dreams of being published.
  • We limit our sponsors to 5 a month. This keeps the focus on the sponsors and allows us to ensure they receive the promotion they deserve.
  • Same policies as for our advertising apply. We have a strong no-ick rule, so we will not accept sponsors whose books promote illegal or depraved acts.
  • Community protection guidelines apply. At our discretion we may refuse to accept publishers as sponsors who are known to not be paying authors, breaching contracts, or otherwise acting in an unprofessional manner. There are too many good publishers out there to promote the crappy ones.


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