Apply For An Editor Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in an editor scholarship. Please take a few moments to read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page before applying. Please do not let the terms and conditions or the application length put you off. If you have any questions, please email us (or fill out the contact form).

We offer scholarships to new authors who are either completely unpublished or who have published less than three books. Our current genres include science fiction, fantasy, and romance, or some combination thereof. We do not have any issues with heat levels, though at this time we are not opening up scholarships to erotica authors. If your work would fit within the Christian (or other religious fiction) category, we would not be a good fit due to lack of market awareness. (Religious fiction is in general a very specialized market.) We welcome and are comfortable with LGBTQIA+, authors of color, disabled authors, or authors from other marginalized communities and/or characters who reflect those characteristics.

Please give as much information as you’re comfortable providing. All information related to your biographical details, your publishing history, and why you are requesting a scholarship are kept confidential. (We do need to note your author name, book title, genre, and book blurb/description to list you on our website and crowdfund.) While we will list with and work with you as your pen name, we will need the name you use in daily life, if different, and address information, to complete the acceptance process, if you are accepted.

Good luck!

Terms & Conditions

  1. By applying for an editor scholarship you certify that you are not currently signed to a publishing company or are under any contractual agreement with another publishing company, publishing services company or publishing professional, and that by applying for this scholarship you are not breaking any contractual agreements (including right of first refusal on a subsequent manuscript.)
  2. By applying for an editor scholarship, you certify that you are a newly published author or unpublished author with less than 3 books published and if previously published, will need to explain the editor(s) you used for your previous books and the means by which you obtained those editors.
  3. You agree that if accepted you will crowdfund the first 25% of your editing scholarship.
  4. You cannot pay the first 25% yourself. If you are needing to make payments on your editing, please contact us to discuss your book and options.
  5. You agree that once you reach the first 25% of your editing scholarship, it will be opened up so members of the general public can help you fund your editing scholarship.
  6. Editing scholarships will be priced at the current going rates. If a sale is not currently happening, then editing my be discounted at My Author Home’s discretion to further help out scholarship participants.
  7. You can only have one editing scholarship. Previous scholarship recipients cannot apply for additional scholarships.
  8. You agree that once the editing has finished, you will provide a testimonial to be used on the website and you will be identified as a scholarship recipient.
  9. You agree to notify My Author Home when the book is published and to credit My Author Home as the editor in the book’s copyright page.
  10. You agree that within 6 months of your edits being completed, you will support someone else’s editing scholarship, however you are able to financially do so, but with a minimum of $5. We believe in paying it forward.
  11. All personal biographical information, as well as your publishing/writing history, and your reason for needing the scholarship will be held in the strictest confidence. We will use your name and book title, as well as any photos you provide to us in setting up your unique crowdfunding link and on our website.
  12. You understand that failure to comply with these policies may result in any moneys being directed to the general scholarship fund in the case of being unable to crowdfund the first 25% of your editing, or in needing to pay back the full cost of your editing.