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My Author Home Reviews seeks reviewers for a wide variety of books. If you already read and review, we would want to have you on our team! Right now we’re not soliciting books from authors, though we hope to have enough reviewers on staff to do so in the near future. Readers are requested to read and review books that they may already purchase or own, and we are on several lists to help you facilitate finding good books to read.

We do ask that reviewers:

  • Post constructive reviews as spoiler free as possible.
  • Review at least one book a month.
  • Not review books for publishers with which they work or authors who would be a conflict of interest. Any relationship with the author needs to be disclosed in the review.

My Author Home Reviews doesn’t charge for reviews and we only pay in copies of books received for review. However, we do have a generous space for your author/reviewer bio and you’re welcome to include a link to your website.

If you’re interested, contact us!