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  • Free website with discreet branding
  • Email support
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  • Author & Genre friendly templates
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Novella-Level Membership

remove branding only
  • Just like the novella, this membership level is short and sweet.
  • Free website WITHOUT any My Author Home branding (footer and sidebar advertising space, plus directory link removed)
  • Email support
  • Access to our Knowledge Base
  • Author & Genre Friendly Templates
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Epic Membership

For the author who wants it all
  • This package is for the author who wants it all, including “done for you” services each and every month.
  • PRIORITY support by email and PHONE!
  • All the goodies of the Novel-Length package
  • One hour of “done for you” time (website related or one of the other services offered by Unscramblet. Contact us for details.) each month. *Additional hours can be purchased at a 25% discount off our regular VA rates.
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