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At My Author Home, I’m all about offering authors reasonable, safe website hosting without huge price tags. I also don’t want authors to get sucked into other free sites that have dubious terms of services. That’s why I offer web hosting through My Author Home.

I also hear a lot of times that WordPress is too much of a hassle; it requires too much technical know-how. That’s where the “managed” part of the hosting I offer comes into play. When you host with My Author Home, I will install WordPress for you, add my favorite plugins including security protection, and keep them updated for you at no additional charge. That’s right. I will take care of the technical side of your site, so you can focus on the content and writing side.

In addition, I’m available through Facebook or email (though I prefer email) to answer questions. Quick questions get answered. Something that’s more indepth and may require some assistance, as a hosting client you get a discount on my virtual assistant rates. But on average, my hosting clients usually get a free hour out of my each month. I’m very generous with my time.

The cost? $11.50/month.

Most managed wordpress sites run closer to $35-50/month from what I’ve seen. So that’s why I say you get a managed site at a self-hosted cost. Oh and the peace of mind? That’s totally priceless.

Want to look at my free or hosted options? Check them out here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My door is always open.