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I’ve been talking about e-commerce sites for a while, and I wanted to take a few moments and share with you my favorite feature.

I love coupons. We can chalk this up to a childhood spent clipping coupons. In fact, my grandma still cuts out the coupons in the paper that she thinks will help like cat stuff or coffee or popcorn and sends them to me. (Not that newspaper coupons are any good anymore, but it’s still something.) Coupons are wonderful for a few reasons.

1. You can share them.

Who doesn’t love a coupon? You can share them with your friends on social media or post them to Twitter. You can put them in your newsletter and provide a special discount. Coupons are meant to be shared.

2. They allow you to track promotions.

Got an ad going up at a site? Then have a coupon, even 5-10% discount to go along with it. When the coupon is used, you’ll know exactly where that sale came from!

3. They allow you to be generous.

One of the main reasons why I like an author web store is that I don’t have to pay a vendor discount. I get close to, or a little more than 95% of the book’s sales price. This means that if I did want to offer a discount, I could do so because it would be coming out of the money that I would normally be paying Amazon or other vendors.

Web stores are a vital asset to any author and My Author Home’s free websites come with e-commerce capabilities built right in! If you’re

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