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Frequently Asked Questions


Is a My Author Home by Unscramblet website really free?

YES! We do offer additional options, but a basic, branded My Author Home by Unscramblet website is completely, 100% free!

I want to host my site with you. Do you do that?

YES! We offer a basic hosting package with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for $11.50/month.

Why should I have my site with you instead of one of the big companies?

Check out this great chart. Seriously, with other “free” hosting companies you have to pay to use a domain name, for additional options, and you can’t have control over what plugins or options are available on the website.

Our websites come with MailChimp newsletter integration built in, an online storefront optimized for PayPal payments built in, SEO and security built in…plus more!

But you're going to scrimp on the service, right?

Not at all. That would be rude! We offer email service with no longer than 72 hour responses, but quite often it’s much less. If you would like priority support or phone support, we offer reasonable upgrades for you.

So where can I get support?

For our customers we have a full knowledge base complete with videos and how-tos. We also have support by email, and for our Epic-Level customers we have support by phone as well.


Why would I want an @myauthorhome email?

In this age of ever-increasing SPAM messages, email providers are setting stronger safeguards. One of these is DMARC. In layman’s terms, it means the email address listed in the header of an email ought to match the send-from email address. When you use a free email provider like @hotmail, @gmail, @aol, or @yahoo those servers would look at a newsletter and see the send-from email being their server, but the headers would reference the newsletter provider. Those servers would then tell the receiving email server not deliver the email because the header and the send-from addresses don’t match. This means your newsletter would not be sent or be sent to very few individuals.

A domain email address stops this from happening because usually the DMARC policies on a domain-based email are a bit more fluid and would allow those emails to be sent. In addition, a website administrator can adjust the DMARC policies to make sure that newsletters get sent as well.

Want more information?

MailChimp’s explanation of DMARC

A somewhat geeky explanation of DMARC.

But I don't want two email addresses, so how does an @myauthorhome email work again?

We automatically set up the @myauthorhome email to forward to your regular email. If you only use the email for newsletters, then there’s a good chance that you won’t receive any email at that address. But if you do, it’ll come into your mailbox with your regular email unless you tell us otherwise.

What does priority support mean?

Priority support means that your questions and tickets are answered in 24-hours or less (usually less).

How do the "done for you" services work?

We offer extensive virtual assistant services which include such things as sending out review copies, newsletter administration and creation (You provide the content; we put it together.), contacting bloggers, etc. Each month just fill out a form on our customer portal and we will take care of your built-in hour within 5 business days.

Need more time? We offer 25% off our regular VA rates to My Author Home members.

The time does not “roll over”, but if extenuating circumstances happen, please contact us and we’ll work with you.


Are your promotional opportunities really free?

YES! All our promotional opportunities are free. The only exception is if you use our pre-designed business cards/bookmarks, there is a small cost for printing and shipping.

We believe that a rising tide will lift all boats. When we work together for visibility, we will all be more visible, sell more books, and grow our careers.

Will you guarantee reviews/blog spots?

We cannot guarantee reviews or a place on our blog. We will certainly provide the list of reviewers and/or bloggers, but each reviewer and/or blogger is free to choose books and blog posts as desired.

What can I send for the goody bags?

Goody bags can be requested at My Author Home Reviews. We suggest items that would fit easily into a 5×7 envelope. Goody bags are $3 to cover PayPal fees, the padded envelope and postage.

Some items that have done well in the past are:

  • Pens
  • Promotional items with free book codes or coupons
  • Thumb drives or CDs with books on them
  • Phone rests and styli
  • Bookmarks and business cards


I have a great idea for a promo op. How can I suggest it?

We welcome your ideas for promotional opportunities. Simply contact us and let us know!


How can I be listed in the service directory?

Contact us! We are always looking for new service providers to add to our list.

Who can be listed in the service directory?

We are looking for individuals who have skills and talents to help authors to be listed in our directory. Our directory includes:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Cover Artists
  • Web Gurus
  • Editors
  • Audio Narration Experts
  • Virtual Assistants

All experts listed in our services directory will be vetted for quality and workmanship.

Do I have to pay to be listed in the directory?

No, you do not have to pay to be listed in the directory; however, we do recommend that those who are listed offer a discount to My Author Home by Unscramblet and Unscramblet customers.


What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is built into our Terms & Conditions. However, in short, due to the digital nature of our work, all purchases are non-refundable. For most of our upgrades, when the package is cancelled, the upgrade will simply revert back to the free plan (or another plan if you change your plans) when the billing date is over.

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please contact us. Who knows? You may see your question added here.