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I’ve been involved in podcasting for several years now, working on a few different shows. My podcasting began probably about ten years ago with Seasons of Passion by Mary Winter. From there I hosted other podcasts and currently I’m the host of Unscrambled Authors.

I love podcasting. As an author I love the fact that I get to network with others. Speaking with other authors about their careers provides insight and information that I may not have gotten otherwise. Plus, let’s be honest, my guests are pretty cool people who write across multiple genres.

My show, Seasons of Passion, which was focused on my own work allowed me a platform to talk about stories, providing behind the scenes and inspirational type posts, update about new books coming out, and yes, interview other authors in my niche.

Today technology makes podcasting easier than ever. I’m hosting a free event on April 30 to talk about podcasting, and I invite you to join me.

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