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Classes at My Author Home

Starting January 2017, My Author Home will be hosting classes about writing, technology, and the business of writing. Classes may be free (with opt-in into your newsletter as an option) or they may be paid, with the money split 70/30 between you and My Author Home, with you receiving the larger portion. If you’re interested in hosting classes or would like more information, please contact us. Our current schedule is below.

All classes will be promoted through our social media, and we do expect our instructors to do the same.


Current Classes

What is your free website costing you? In this month’s webinar we’ll discuss what your free website is costing you in terms of your rights, visitors, and even money. Register today!

Previous Classes

From Blog To Bookstore: Why You Need An Author Web Store. Join Mary Caelsto as she discusses how having an author web store can help you earn more money, leverage your marketing, and reach more readers. Register today!

13 Years of Inspiration: Keeping Your Writing Career Alive.  Author Mary Winter discusses her 13+ year writing career and how she navigates publishing’s ups and downs in order to keep writer’s block away.  Register today. (January 2017)