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Over at, once a month I send out an email with free books listed in it. This is a great way to try out new authors, find new reads, and if you’re an author, share your permafree books as well.

So here are five reasons why you need to sign up.

  1. Free books! I know, if you’re like me your kindle runneth over with books, but these are books by great authors, and you might find a new favorite.
  2. Variety! I never know who is going to sign up, so while the majority of books are romance, there are also urban fantasy, science fiction, and other genres mixed in as well.
  3. Support our sponsors! We have author and corporate sponsors, and your subscription helps to support them. Yes, it’s free! This is supported wholly by me and our sponsors.
  4. Limited emails. You will receive one email a month. That’s it!
  5. It’s fun! I love seeing what books come through.

I hope you’ll join us and sign up for free books each month!

Sign up today!