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There are three tasks that are vital to having a self-hosted website. Without these tasks you’re left vulnerable to hackers, security threats, and are limited to what payments you can accept on your webstore. Thankfully, free websites from My Author Home take care of these three things for you.

1. Website Security

Our sites come pre-installed with one of the best WordPress security plugins on the market. In addition, our setup guide walks you through avoiding some of the pitfalls that new website administrators often fall into. In addition, we run our sites on a secure server with a company that takes security seriously.

2. Website Updates

When you host with our free site platform we handle all updates. (If you’d like us to handle your updates on a self-hosted package, let us know. We can do that too!) You don’t ever have to worry about running vulnerable, outdated scripts or plugins. We keep them updates for you.

3. Website Backups

Our sites come preinstalled with my favorite backup plugin. This means that you can easily, from the start, backup to your DropBox, to email, or to other storage that you may want. No worries about having a site go down and being unable to recover a backup.

If you are self-hosted with us, then we would be happy to take care of these items too. Let us know!

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