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I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and there are three things that I think make a good podcast host.

1. Listening

A good host listens to his or her guests. Being able to listen without interrupting is a good way to draw out stories and let your guest share his or her expertise.

2. Good commentary

A guest who tells a story without any back and forth can get boring after a while. The best interviews are conversations. A good host can help a guest distill the idea and bring it to relevance.

3. Unique angles

This isn’t as difficult as it seems. A unique thought process or angle, for example, being a hybrid author, or an author who has eschewed working with publishers, can add additional dimensions to the conversation. It can provide a counterpoint to the interview and also a frame.

Most hosts have these three qualities, and yet they are things which can be cultivated. When you have a good podcast host, the podcast begins to sell itself. These three things help.