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You’ve heard podcasting is a great way to get your books in front of readers, and yet you’re not sure what to talk about. The good news is that podcasts can be on just about any topic, but just in case you still need some ideas, here are three good ones.

1. News and Sneak Peeks about your books

If you are a prolific author, then a short, maybe 20-30 minute podcast once or twice a month would be a great way to talk about new release news, review news, and other upcoming book news, as well as provide sneak peeks into works that are coming soon or just released. You can read an excerpt on air or maybe direct listeners to your blog to receive a bigger taste.

Yes, your show can be all about you.

2. A topic you love that’s related to your books

Do your books take place in small towns? Then do an audio tour of small towns you love or have visited. Have listeners call in with their favorite small town stories. Interview other authors who also write about small towns. Choose a topic that’s related to your books and run with it.

3. Interview your fellow authors

Sit down and talk to your fellow authors about their books and writing. Treat it as if you’re sharing a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, with them. Your listeners will enjoy the intimate conversation and you’ll have fun chatting with your friends.

Of course, you’re welcome to make your author podcast about anything you like. And if you need a start, visit My Author Home Radio to learn how we can help you launch your podcast with minimal investment and technical know-how.